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The Nakba is not a memory; it is a continuous uprooting

HRS Youth Committee members supported the “Freedom for Palestinian people” march organised in London on the 75th anniversary of NAKBA.


Saturday May 13th saw dozens of protests take place across the UK, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the Nakba. 10,000 people were marching in central London showing their stance against the illegal and inhumane oppression and displacement of Palestinians. People of all ages marched together from the BBC Portland Place building to Parliament square, as proof that the younger generation will not forget and forgive the 75 years of humanity crimes and injustices.

 The Nakba, is a period of ethnic cleansing, colonialism, and dispossession that started with the establishment of Israel in 1948. It resulted in the expulsion of more than 750,000 Palestinians and the disappearance of more than 500 towns and villages off the map.

Nakba, meaning calamity and catastrophe, signalling the destructiveness of the date, was remembered by Palestinians and thousands of people on its 75th anniversary.

Last Saturday, my friends from Human Rights Solidarity and I joined the march and showed our solidarity with the Palestinian people. Alongside protesters, we chanted calling for the end of the apartheid and occupation, and claimed that Palestine will be free ‘from the river to the sea’.

 We were reminded of Mahmoud Darwish’s words ‘The Nakba is not a memory; it is a continuous uprooting’.

 Nakba is the present. Nakba is now the Nakba, with all the significance that using the word in Arabic entails, rather than just another disaster like so many others. It is an act of resistance against the ongoing displacement of Palestinians, and proof of the existence and validity of the Palestinian territory and its people. History, more than ever, serves as resistance and the reminder of the catastrophe brought with the formation of a nation.

 End Apartheid. Free Palestine. 


Jude Daniel Smith
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Celebrating Youth Skills Day

DATE: 15 July 2021

PLACE: Instagram Live

COMMITTEE: Youth Action Committee

Youth Skills Day is celebrated every year on July 15 by UNESCO. The World Youth Skills day of 2021 paid tribute to the resilience and creativity of youth through the pandemic crisis. We, as Human Rights Solidarity, celebrated youth skills with our Youth Action Committee (YAct), and held a live interview with our young friend Jude Daniel Smith on how the youth can be helped and empowered through this crisis.

We learned that there are many ways to receive support for our skills as young persons and how important is it to support the young people around us in such a time of crisis. Jude told us about his journey through the pandemic and his lobbying and activism experience in a time of crisis. This interview was motivating and supportive for all of us.

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Elimination of racial discrimination

DATE:  21 March 2021

PLACE: YouTube

COMMITTEE: YAct Committee

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination is observed every year by UNESCO on 21st of March. Human Rights Solidarity’s YAct Committee (Youth Action Committee) organized a YouTube panel for 2021’s theme; “Youth standing up against racism.” The YouTube live stream contained art performances as well as interviews with young activists and the public, encouraging and educating us all on the importance of this day.

Here are a volunteer’s words for their experience at the Day of The Elimination of Racial Discrimination Event:

“It was one of my first experiences in helping in a programme so big. We did it in the middle of the pandemic. So I believe it was empowering and motivating for us in the middle of such a crisis. Making a programme against something that I also do face was very nice and I hope it motivates all those who face racism to raise their voices as well.”

What have we learned?

We had the chance to learn more about this day and about the importance of racial equality through the research we made for this project. We improved our critical thinking skills as well as our technical skills on hosting and editing online events.

The program can be watched here: