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Human Rights Solidarity (HRS) is an organization with volunteers from around the world dedicated to human rights activism and advocacy worldwide. HRS started its activities as an unincorporated organization in early 2020 and was recognized and registered as a charitable incorporated organization at the end of 2022.

Our association, which draws its strength from the efforts of young volunteers specialized in many different fields, aims to contribute to the protection of human rights in the world. HRS, where young volunteers take an active role in the management, has almost all the features that can be expected from a human rights organization with its dynamic structure.

In addition to defending human rights violations on the streets, HRS fights for rights in various international organizations through reporting and advocacy activities. The only commitment we have is to our fundamental principles, which are enshrined in our founding documents and Solidarity Principles.

Human Rights Solidarity is a registered charity in England & Wales (No: 1201416)

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