About HRS

We are the Human Rights Solidarity, a young, agile and independent human rights organisation. We define ourselves, not with the injustices and human rights abuses we stand against, but with the future we want to build. Our hard work is determined by the desire to protect the rights of the future generations to come, perhaps rights that were not offered to us. However, we know that when we speak up against injustice, making some noise and filling the spaces we were once not welcomed in, we already are more than what we were.

We have adapted the Agile Manifesto into human rights activism.

For us, future is an open code that needs to be written and rewritten. While coding the future, we prioritise:

  • individuals and interactions over procedures, regulations and conventions;
  • a sustainable and liveable future over reports and projections about future;
  • collaboration of future generations over what our current conventions promise them;
  • responding to change over following plans and goals set by the past generations.

Human rights are conditioned on the human factor. They do not exist on their own. They need to be learned, recognised, internalised, enjoyed and enriched by each and every human being. They are the kind of knowledge that is attained through continual practice and through continual action.

House of Solidarity, the virtual home of Human Rights Solidarity is a lodge of learning.

We invite new disciples to join our humble attempt to shape the future and to be shaped by that ideal.

Our Future

We do not have an institutional history we can be proud of. Our journey has just started, and we invite young souls who want to walk this road to change, to freedom and to equality with us.

We call ourselves the Disciples of Solidarity, not because of what we have already accomplished, but because of an unwavering belief in our contribution to the prosperous future we shall inherit to the generations to come.

We are not here because of what we did, but because of what we can.

Particularities of our remote future will be defined by the new disciples to join us. Regardless, we already have an idea about our near future. We will see the actual destiny in front of us only when we reach there, but we already have a roadmap.

In our roadmap of the near future we have the following target dates:

  • December 2020: Reaching 250 founding members target
  • January 2021: First Annual General Meeting of Human Rights Solidarity
  • December 2021:Reaching 1,000 members target.
  • Launching Solidarity Clubs for universities in the UK
  • January 2022: Launching Solidarity Market, the online charity shop of HRS
  • December 2022: Giving Branch status to a minimum of 10 cities in the UK & Ireland
  • Launching Solidarity Review, an online investigative journal of human rights
  • January 2026: Applying for Consultative Status at ECOSOC of UN

We are here, because we can.