Merve Aslangoren

Merve Aslangoren
Merve Aslangören is a senior law student and aspiring lawyer who has always wanted to be at the forefront of tackling human rights violations around the world. She has been been volunteering for HRS since its establishment. For about two years she acted both as a co-chair of the Executive Committee and a chair of the FreeWord Committee. Ms Aslangören is building herself a law career in human rights law.
2 Years
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Merve Aslangoren Biography

I am a Disciple of Solidarity and one of the co-chairs of Human Right Solidarity. I’m a law student from Birmingham. I want to be at the forefront of tackling human rights violations around the world. The past is a bygone depository of knowledge, the future is yet to come. The here and now is our only opportunity to convert that knowledge of the past into a project for future. If I don’t act now, there won’t be another now. I am here, because I do not want to be hand tied waiting for things to change themselves. I want to be the one who makes change come through. I act, therefore I am!


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