Slide Read More As HRS, we are truly saddened and angry at the unprovoked killing of unarmed George Floyd in police custody on May 25. Here is our statement… We can’t

About us

About Us

House of Solidarity

We are Human Rights Solidarity. We are a young, agile and self-organizing human rights organization.

We define ourselves, not with the injustices and human rights abuses we stand against, but with the future we want to rewrite.

We prioritise the rights of the future generations over ours, but we also know that when we act, we already are more than what we

We have adapted the Agile Manifesto into human rights activism.

For us, Future is an open code that needs to be written and rewritten. While coding the future, we prioritise:

  • individuals and interactions over procedures, regulations and conventions; 
  • a sustainable and liveable future over reports and projections about future;
  • collaboration of future generations over what our current conventions promise them;
  •  responding to change over following plans and goals set by the past generations.

Take Action

Play your part.

If We Don’t Help
Save Them, Who Will?

House of Solidarity, the virtual home of Human Rights Solidarity is a lodge of learning.
We invite new disciples to join our humble attempt to shape the future and to be shaped by
that ideal.