Human Rights Solidarity is a registered charity in England & Wales (No: 1201416)


Rex House 4-12 Regent Street London SW1Y 4PE

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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

Formed of two co-chairs, the secretary general, the accountant and the Solidarity Ombudsman, EXCO is the heart of HRS. EXCO runs HRS’s daily management and the multi-committee campaigns and projects.
FreeWord Committee

FreeWord Committee

Acting for freedom of expression and press, freedom to assembly and protest. Fights against any oppression of religious or ideological identities and restrictions on public expression of religious thought.
Human Rights Defenders Committee

Human Rights Defenders Committee

In charge of rights of human rights activists, lawyers, judges and prosecutors and labour union activists. Fights for rule of law, right to fair trial and freedom from torture and inhuman treatment.
Immigration Committee

Immigration Committee

In charge of promoting the rights of asylum seekers, refugees, immigrant communities, and fights against xenophobia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, populist exclusivism and all forms of racism.
Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Commission

Womens Rights and Gender Equality Commission

In charge of all activities on gender equality, domestic violence, women’s rights in general, gender equality and gender discrimination issues. Fights against homophobia and persecution based on SOGI.
Environmental Rights Committee

Environmental Rights Committee

Fights for a liveable environment for future generations. Besides classical environmental activism, it deals with noise and wave pollution and the denial of environmental crisis by populist regimes.
Youth Action Committee

Youth Action Committee

The Youth Action Committee (YAct) brows through new terrains of human rights issues by and for the next generation. Works on digital forms of activism, human rights in the Metaverse, and in the space.
Right to Health Committee

Right to Health Committee

Works on accessibility of health services as human rights and rights of the healthcare sector workers. Fights against health-gap and discrimination against the poor and the immigrant communities in health services.
Tech and Human Rights Committee

Tech and Human Rights Committee

In charge of threats to human rights from high tech, AI, genome editing, face recognition, digital tracking and other emerging surveillance techniques and way to use technology to promote human rights.











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