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Walking Through History in Central London: Inspiring Youth Migrants in British Culture


Central London’s historic walks, initiated by Human Rights Solidarity (HRS), enjoy overwhelming demand and positive feedback for their educational tours. Did you hear about our recent Walking Through History in Central London project? If not, let me give you a summary of what happened for the past three months. This project was established by Human Rights Solidarity and funded by the Transport for London & London Marathon Foundation. It creates a safe opportunity to be more active and participate in interactive learning sessions about Britain’s history at the same time. Would you believe me if I said the tickets for our next session sold out in one day? There is a very high demand for this project, and we are thrilled to see such enthusiasm and support from the community! Since the start of our project, the feedback we received has been incredibly positive with many participants expressing their enjoyment for the guided walks through historic parts of Central London. Let’s break down where we have been and what we learned through our wonderful tour guide. 

Our first spot was London’s Times Square: The Piccadilly Circus. In this buzzing environment, filled with tourists from all around the world, we learned the brief history of how Britain was built. Did you know the word “Britain” comes from the ancient Romans’ name for the ancient Britons? As we walked through Leicester Square, we didn’t forget to visit the famous Chinatown and take a picture with their guardian lions. Finally, we finished at London’s most significant market, Covent Garden. 

Our second tour started at Tower Hill to learn more about the Roman Wall of Londinium. We explored the ancient defence systems built in London as well as visited the places Samuel Pepys talked about in his diaries. Wandering through the streets of Central London, we learned the nicknames of famous skyscrapers and took a bunch of pictures. After also passing through the Leadenhall Market, where one of the iconic scenes in Harry Potter was filmed, we ended our tour at the Bank Square. 

The most recent session we had was in the British Museum, a place where the history of all countries is gathered in one place. Starting with the famous Rosetta Stone, our tour guide explained how it led to a new era of understanding ancient civilizations. We explored various artefacts gathered from Anatolia and Ancient Greece as well as diving briefly into Greek mythology with stories about Heracles. We ended our tour on the Egyptian floor where we had the chance to see a 5500-year-old mummy.

If this sounds interesting to you, stay tuned for updates on upcoming sessions and opportunities to join us as we walk through history together. Do not forget to book your tickets on our Eventbrite website as we release them on the second Saturday of every month!