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Fridays for Future

DATE: 10 September 2021

PLACE: Opposite of Number 10, Downing Street

COMMITTEE: Justice Corner

Fridays for Future is a dynamic global student movement pushing for immediate action on climate change through active campaigning and advocacy. We believe that listening to and following the best available science should be at the heart of our government’s policies and actions. As one of our core slogans indicates, we are here to defend the rights of the next generation. We believe that continued ignorance of environmental issues and warnings of the scientists on these issues will have tragic consequences for the whole world. Therefore, we wanted to raise awareness on climate crisis and called all the elected officials to listen to the science and fight to protect our and next generations’ futures.

Here is the speech HRS volunteers made during the protest:

Dear friends,

We’re gathered here today, to once again ask for change.

To, once again, ask our policy makers to react, to act; about the climate crisis.

Up until now, our calls have been ignored.

And you may ask: What is the use of coming together and protesting?

But we cannot give up! We don’t have that luxury.

Because the climate crisis won’t ignore us like our politicians do.

Because the climate crisis does not act slow and sluggish as our politicians do. 

The Climate crisis is here, now!

For a few decades scientists have been warning: Our planet is warming!

And you, the politicians, have chosen to ignore this warning.

You’ve chosen your rotten economies over our futures.

As long as you do nothing, the Climate crisis will stay here…

As long as you do nothing, we, the activists will stand here…

Skipping our schools and works, shouting at the top of our lungs:

We are here, because you have left us with no other choices.

Because you won’t listen!

Dear politicians,

We are suffering the consequences of your delayed actions, of your ignorance, of your unwillingness to act.

Dear Politicians,

Our planet is warming, causing the worse heat waves of our history. We saw more droughts and floods, higher sea levels, and switching seasons all over the world!

More than a hundred global fires have taken place in the last three months. More than 200 floods have spread all over Europe.

Dear politicians,

You have failed us. You have failed our futures.

The climate crisis is happening now!

The times we were used to say “we have only this much years left” are over.

We have no more years left.

Today is the last moment where action holds any meaning.

And this time, you will listen.

We demand Action. The future generations command you to act.