Justice Corner 

In a world where justice can only be found in crumbs, in the smallest corners. Our Justice corner too, is one of those corners, acting central, trying to bring justice and rightfulness to the centre. It is an open to public corner where we unite to protest and stand up against current human rights injustices taking place anywhere on the globe. 

We need to be the loudest corner, we do need to be the centre because sadly, we are only heard when we raise our voices against injustices and scream at the top of our lungs, asking for basic human rights for those around the Globe. Because our governments and politicians are so ignorant that, we do need to go to their feet and ask them for justice. Because protesting is our right, and we will use it to unite in solidarity against all human right violations, we will not let neither ours nor any other government go on with injustices.  

The Justice Corner will go on, Until the day Justice isn’t needed to be searched for in corners, until justice is centre in our lives. Until the young generations have justice in their centres.  

 Our past Justice Corner protests include;  

  • Protest against the UK Immigration Bill 
  • Protest against Enforced Disappearances  
  • Protest against Vaccine Injustice  
  • Fridays for Future 

And so many more. These protests take place in our corner actively, every 2 weeks, usually in front of government official buildings.