Online Panel: Press Freedom in three Not-Free Countries Before, During and After the Covid-19 Pandemic: China, Turkey and Russia

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Online Panel: Press Freedom in three Not-Free Countries Before, During and After the Covid-19 Pandemic: China, Turkey and Russia

Join us on 18 August 2020, to discuss how the freedom of press has been continuously deteriorating in three countries categorised by Freedom House as Not-Free — China, Turkey and Russia — and how Covid-19 Pandemic will worsen the situation.

This online panel is hosted by the FreeWord Committee of the Human Rights Solidarity. The panel will be hold in three consecutive sessions and two short networking sessions between them. Sessions will address the consistent deterioration of freedom of press in three Not-Free countries, China, Turkey and Russia, and how the Covid-19 Pandemic has already and will further deteriorate the situation.  

Already before the Pandemic the three countries in our radar had the worst press freedom reports in the world, with China and Turkey competing with each other by means of the number of journalists jailed every year, and Russia surpassing all nightmares with 58 journalists killed and seven gone missing only in 2019. 

When Covid-19 hit the world, idealist-futurists hoped that the pandemic would open our eyes to the sufferings of others and teach us a valuable lesson of empathy. Unfortunately, expectations proved wrong when countries started to close their borders. 

Just within a few weeks time, COVID-19 has radically transformed us, the society, and our governments. With its call for strict tracking mechanisms and limited freedom of movement, Covid-19 is now threatening the future of liberal democracies and their very values. 

However, a greater challenge that remains is how the authoritarian governments of China, Turkey and Russia use this pandemic as a leverage to spread their own propaganda of their so-called success in controlling the infection. Starting from the authoritarian countries, executive branches of governments all over the world asked for further powers of controlling mobility of people and goods. Unfortunately, history proves that the powers attained at times of emergencies tend to become the new normalcies.

Our panellists will discuss, not only the past and future of the freedom of press in these countries, but also alternative solutions peoples of these countries are innovating. 

Please Note: This is not only a panel, but also a networking event. So please register with your own credentials and interact!

Sessions and Panellists: 

We are currently communicating with journalists and experts. Once the list is finalised, it will be publicized here. 

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18, Aug, 2020